Based in Sapporo, Japan, Ashleigh Dollin is a multimedia journalist and an English and Japanese translator and interpreter. She holds a master’s degree in the media representation of indigenous peoples and the power of self-representation through media for minority groups.

From a young age, Ashleigh has been passionate about writing and storytelling. Her first brush with media was at the age of 15, when she proofread Letter’s to the Editor at her local newspaper; a love soon blossomed.

When Ashleigh began her communication degree at the University of Western Sydney, a lack of student media did not deter her as she took up the opportunity to co-found and edit a student magazine named Degree Magazine. It was granted funding by the student board and continued to run well after she graduated.

Since graduating she has worked for various media organizations, including SBS, NITV, G’day Japan, The Japan Times, and Charlotte Pass Snow Resort and Perisher’s snow media teams. She has also created her own content through the platforms of YouTube and TikTok.

Since 2018, she has lived in Hokkaido, Japan, where she has researched and worked with the Ainu people, an indigenous group from the northern part of Japan. After graduating with her master’s degree, she took on the new challenge of translation and interpretation, but continues to weave stories through her translation and writing jobs for Hokkaido tourism, local community stories, and indigenous news.

As an avid writer, her dream is to direct her career more towards writing and to one day become an author.