Ashleigh Dollin is a multimedia journalist based in Sydney, Australia.

From a young age Ashleigh has been passionate about writing and storytelling. Her first brush with media was at the age of 15 where she proofread Letter’s to the Editor at her local newspaper; a love soon blossomed.

When Ashleigh began her communication degree at University of Western Sydney a lack of student media did not deter her as she took up the opportunity to co-found and edit a student magazine, named Degree Magazine it was granted funding by the student board and continued to run well after she graduated.

Her first job outside of university was at national broadcaster SBS for the TV news library where she was overly excited to finally be working in a real newsroom. In the following eight years Ashleigh has developed her reporting skills at various companies while always finding her way back to SBS where she is currently working and has accumulated five and a half years of work for News and Current Affairs and Indigenous Australian News.

Ashleigh showed her adaptability while working in the snow reporting industry where she had to quickly learn how to film, voice and edit daily videos, update online media, participate in live crosses for TV and radio, submit daily radio reports and record a weekly 2 hour radio program called “On the Snow Show”.

Being given a taste for camera and edit work Ashleigh soon started displaying her creative flare via youtube videos on her channel where she regularly vlogs about life in Sydney, Japan travel stories and snow videos.

One of Ashleigh’s most life-changing moments was when she spent a year living and working in Hokkaido, Japan. Her experiences inspire her travel articles for G’day Japan! and regular vlogs and blogs. She is studying Japanese and hopes to live and work as a reporter in Japan.