As the Ultimate Skibum of Perisher, otherwise known as social media reporter, I have been living it up and updating the world about my adventures via a blog hosted on their powwow site which is a new social media hub Perisher introduced this year.

In powwow you can see the snow reports, facebook stream, twitter stream and instagram among other things like cool pics and vids and of course the link to my blog.



















I have been blogging daily. Depending on events I either blog in the morning (if I am going to write about night life) or in the evening before dinner. I’ve been living at the Corroboree Lodge which is conveniently placed at just a couple of minute walks from the quad chair and the v8 and front valley.

The staff members at Corroboree are awesome. They have welcomed me with open arms, they are always helpful and at the start of my stay here managers Lee and Shaye took me out snowboarding to show me around Perisher. Which was really helpful as they introduced me to places like Guthega pub and gave me a refresher on the runs around Blue Cow, Guthega and Perisher.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with media, shadowing the snow reporters Alice Joyce and Luke Kneller. I have also been out skiing with cameraman Wesley Nott. It’s been a great experience for me and has confirmed that I can live in the snow and that snow reporting is my ideal job.

I could never get tired of the snow.