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The Paragon café, an example of Katoomba’s past pandering to the upper class tourist, is the perfect remedy for today’s time poor society. The lighting is warm, atmosphere cosy and the early 20th Century music and art deco furnishing make it one of the few remaining places in which you can step back in time with a cup of cocoa.

Established in 1916, The Paragon continues to provide delicious hand made chocolates and smooth cups of Belgian hot chocolate. Mirroring many establishments in the upper mountains, The Paragon has its own set of ghost stories and folklore. If you visit the ladies toilets and the left cubicle door slams shut it’s not the wind (it has happened to me twice and no one was in there). And then there’s mysterious stories about tunnels under The Paragon that link up to the cliffs used to ‘do away’ with undesirables.

Mystery aside The Paragon is a beautifully kept relic of our art deco past.